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Tempting you since 2022

To fill the void of quality wearables in the market,
Gaurav Khetterpal, Ankit Khetterpal and Akshay Khetterpal
launched Tempt India in 2022. With the aim to change the perception of wearables they introduced wearables with premium feel, trendy style and cutting edge technology.

Thus, in 2022, they embarked on an epic quest in the Indian consumer market.

Designed in Singapore

Designed with passion by engineers in Singapore. The ultimate crossover of class, fashion, and cutting-edge technology, Tempt is making waves in the tech world. We work hard to make the products you love, accessible to everyone. We believe in ways to bring bold, beautiful and bespoke designs without having to break the bank.

For those who live to choose a better way.

Tempter is...

Who chooses to be new. Who chooses to be free.
The wanderlusts. The explorers.
For all those who blends life and style.
It’s all about who you choose to be.

Deep down, we are all Tempters.

Look the Best.
Tempt the Rest.

Exude style, stun the rest! Bring your look together. Stylish wearables are designed to be the best way to meet your needs. Sassy, chic, and ahead of the game, we've got what it takes to make you shine.

Feel the Beat.
Move Your Feet.

The hum of the drum and ting of the bell will get you moving to build your own beat. Clap to the rhythm and learn to feel the music.

Own the Show.
Defy The Flow.

Make the heads turn. Own the show, defy the flow, and live how you love to live. It's your style, in your own way. Just how you like it.

A new look, a new you

Dress Your Ears.

We're not just in your ears. We're in your soul. Wireless earbuds in which style complements sound.

Feel The Music.

We master the art of making your music sound great. Listen to music, how it is meant to be heard while doing whatever you love to do.

Wear Your Style.

Elegant. Functional. Ultimate in style and design. It's fashion, now always right at your fingertips and always by your side. Always be Tempting!

Future Is Now.

A smart home. Full of style. Get your hands on the technology of the future. With Tempt, smartening up your lifestyle has never been easier.

Meet Our Directors

Gaurav Khetterpal

Co-Founder (Managing Director)

Ankit Khetterpal

Co-Founder (Director)

Akshay Khetterpal

Co-Founder (Director)

Nikhil Chopra

Director (Sales and Marketing)