Best Smart Watches for Men

Best Smart Watches for Men
Tempt India
Tempt India

Smart watches have developed into powerful daily tools and fashion accessories, going beyond simple wrist-worn gadgets. We have compiled a list of the top smart watches for men who want to stay connected, monitor their fitness, and make a fashion statement. In this blog, we will examine the unique features of these smartwatches and discuss the importance of longer battery life. We will also briefly discuss options smart watches for women in India. 

Smart watch for Men Smart Watch

Tempt Verge Pro  

  1. Hands-Free Calling: With the Tempt Verge Pro, you can make and receive calls directly from your wrist, thanks to its built-in speaker and microphone.  
  1. Simple Activation: Enabling the Bluetooth Calling Function is a breeze. Just connect the latest smartwatch to the compatible app, then manually pair it with your phone via Bluetooth settings 
  1. Comprehensive Health Tracking: This smartwatch doesn't stop at calls. It offers real-time blood oxygen (SpO2) monitoring, 24/7 heart rate tracking, and sleep monitoring.
  1. Vivid Display: Featuring a massive 2.01-inch IPS display with 600 nits brightness, the Tempt Verge Pro ensures crystal-clear visibility even in bright daylight.

Tempt Edge Pro Smart Watch For Men

  1. Hands-Free Calling: The Tempt Edge Pro allows you to make and receive calls directly from your watch via the built-in speaker and microphone, all hands-free. 
  1. Stunning AMOLED Display: Feast your eyes on the best 1.51-inch AMOLED display with 480 nits brightness. This smartwatch redefines clarity and brightness in a compact form.
  1. Rugged and Water-Resistant: IP67 water resistance ensures that this smartwatch can handle dust, spills, raindrops, and sweat. It's built to last, making it your ideal companion for all adventures.
  1. Complete Control from Your Wrist: Keep tabs on your heart rate and SpO2 levels and track your sleep stages. It's a 24/7 health assistant right on your wrist; you can set reminders and check weather forecasts directly from your watch. You can even control volume and music playback without reaching for your smartphone.

Long Battery Life 

Long battery life is crucial for a smart watch, ensuring that it can keep up with your busy lifestyle. Several of the smart watches mentioned above excel in this department, with some offering up to a week or more of usage on a single charge. Whether you're travelling, working out, or simply using your smart watch for daily tasks, extended battery life keeps you connected without interruptions. 

Smart watches for Women in India 

While this blog primarily focuses on smart watches for men, there are numerous smart watch options available for women in India. These watches often feature elegant designs, smaller form factors, and customizable watch faces to cater to a wide range of preferences. 

If you're looking for the best budget smartwatches, there are several smart watches that provide excellent value without compromising on essential features. These watches offer fitness tracking, smartphone connectivity, and decent battery life, making them ideal for individuals who want a taste of the smart watch experience without breaking the bank. You can also consider the smart watches mentioned above, as most smart watches are compatible with both men and women. 


In conclusion, the best smartwatches for men offer a complete and fashionable accessory for contemporary living by fusing style, functionality, and long battery life. There is always a smart watch that matches your requirements and preferences, whether you are looking for sophisticated fitness tracking, outdoor durability, or a cost-effective option. 


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